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Seduced by Words

Lost between the lines

26 April 1988
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Okay, I originally wasn't going to get an LJ writing account, but EVERYONE seems to be getting them, and after talking to macabre_reality, I got one too, so I blame her!

I've had LJ accounts before, but never used them. My other one is badluckisbetter, but don't expect me to use it now that I have this one. I may actually keep this one up.

Anyway, I write for many fandoms, but I have a tendency to start something, and then get another idea, so that one dies. ^___^; So if that happens and I go months without posting for a story, and then suddenly post for it again, that's why.

Um...I have a couple links to put up.

[ FFN | FPN | DA | AFN ]

The only fic that I'm moving from fanfiction to here is my first Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. Everything else is going to remain on those websites, and at this point, anything I do will get posted on LiveJournal and Fanfiction.net simply because I'm too popular on fanfiction not to keep posting there.

So, that's about it! >_> Don't expect too much fanart out of me.

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